Saturday, 16 July 2011


My son is in a Cub group in the area where we live. It's a fantastic way for the boys to learn and get together. Here are a few pictures of what they get up to....

Here they were having a "cook-off" which is the usual fun for the last meeting of term. See the lovely noodle and chicken stir fry with a little bit of dirt for added flavor???

Making lanterns..... Were held our breath for a bit here...wondering if the trees will set alight. It didn't... Phew!!!

They had a sleepover at the big Aquarium in a city nearby. Needless to say they were all in awe to sleep beside the big tank housing the sharks. Hehe, at least none were fed to the sharks for breakfast....

It will be time soon to move up from Cubs to Scouts and we will be sad to say "au revoir" to all the friends here.

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