Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Awesome cakes!!!

We recently celebrated Jose's 40th birthday. I invited a whole bunch of people to join in the festivities and decided to make all the finger-food myself. I just LOVE doing this kind of thing, and included all my honey's favorite things. When it came to the cake, I got a bit stuck. Baking is a big love of mine, but I wanted this cake to be extra special. Decorated in a special way for a special person...aaawwwww...I know!

To the rescue! Crazy Sugar Craft ladies Lynette and Manda, without whom I'd have been stuck! All I told them, was that I wanted a toolbox cake for my husband who LOVES woodwork and all his woodworking "toys" and gadgets.


Don't you just LOVE the post-it note? BTW, the entire cake is edible, even the post-it! These ladies are so incredibly creative, they deserve this mention!

Leave a comment with your contact details if you live in the Cape Town area and would like to approach them for a cake for special occasion.

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