Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fun project for a rainy day

Our day was typically like the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen:"thunderbolt and lightning - very, very frighting me...." So, while it was pouring rain outside, my son (the cheetah) and I had a bit of fun making these juggling/stress balls. It's really easy and here's how:

You will need:
  • dried lentils for the filling (fine sand will work well too)
  • sharp scissors
  • balloons (round ones)
  • a funnel

First blow up a balloon to stretch it a bit, then using the funnel, fill it with some dried lentils - how much depends on the size you want the ball to be eventually but I would say about a quarter of a cup should be more than plenty

When you're done filling the balloon, cut off the tip like so. If you cut too much, you won't be able to fold it in later. (btw, this one's colour you won't see eventually)

Now, take a second balloon (you'll see this one's colour in the final ball) and snip off the neck close to the main body of the balloon, like this

Go back to the first balloon, tuck in the long neck, and insert this ball into the second balloon, with the folded neck inside the second balloon

It should then look like this:

A third and last balloon: snip off the neck a bit more than the previous one, and wrap this one around the ball

Once you've wrapped the ball in the final balloon, it should look like this. Remember that the open seams will always be on the inside, until you have you final two-tone ball like this one.
We ended up making quite a few, but we will spend some time to make more with friends over the coming (long) weekend we're having.

And for now, we're enjoying yummy chocolates (bedankt oma Gonda) and relaxing in front of the fire. Happy days!!

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