Friday, 11 May 2012

Learning to crochet

This is a creation from a young lady in Norway who writes one of my favourite blogs to read:  Lille Hottentott

Lovely Lolla with her fabulous creations; I'm proud to say she a local talent. Link to her site Love Lolla

This is awesomeness at it's best. I just love the colours of these items; from Haken en meer

I'll be on Daisies  every day for inspiration and tutorials and hopefully I'll be as good as her in no time at all

Okay..... Now that you've seen the experts at work, I'm ready to show you what I've done so far.... Don't laugh, okay? I'm quite proud of what I've achieved with these little try-outs and I will keep practising and crochet funny little things until I get it 100% right!! In no time at all I will also be boasting  a lovely granny- square blanket or cushion (or two!!).

These are all trials to practice different stitches. The confusion comes when I look at tutorials/patterns from Australia, America, Europe and South Africa - the terminology is not the same everywhere, so it takes me a while to figure out what it is they talk about....  Wish me luck though!!

Happy Day!!

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