Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lovely grey

Who would ever have thought..... Looking at some images online, I saw so many grey rooms that I had to save some of those images. I'd never have thought that grey could work so well. One would associate it with the grey dreariness of a cold winters' day, no? Well, surprise, surprise!! Look at the freshness that I uncovered and feast your eyes!!

i LOVE the wall and floor finish in these pictures. We're renovating our living and dining rooms in the future and I think this is what I want!!   (from here)

This corner unit that I would LOVE to see in my living space from here

This gorgeous cabinet from here

This lovely grey bedroom from here

What a fabulous idea for a fireplace! Look at those light-shades and I loooove the bench-y thingy on the side.
from here

And last but not least, the stunning grey mosaic on this kitchen wall!!
from here

Yep, I think I just discovered another favourite colour (well, no quite as favourite as turquoise/aquamarine, but not far behind...) Grey could just be the new white for me...

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