Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Office desk

Since we moved here four years ago, we've not had a proper desk. What served it's purpose until now, was a couple of sets of trestles with a plank on top of it. Not very nice, I know, and we never realised how bad it looked until The Captain finished making our desk(s) and we could see the huge difference. The blue desk top is made of laminated glass and I think it looks just fabulous.  We have raised stands for the computer screens and when not in use, the keyboards can be stored underneath, where kitty kats can't get to it. (Our Tofi likes to sleep on top of the keyboards, for some reason known to only her, hehehe.) 

 Sleek no? And pretty awesome too!

Happy day!

in case you were wondering why the blue cover sits higher over the screen than the red one, there's a webcam attached to the top of the screen; that's why.... (wink, wink!)

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