Thursday, 20 September 2012


One of my favourite Spring flowers here in the Western Cape is the Vygie variety.  The Namaqualand region is rather quite famous for it's Spring Flower extravaganza and we try to visit every year to see the wide open fields, covered in wild flowers. (DO go to the hyper-link and check it out!!)

This year I also planted some of my own in an old, rusty wheelbarrow that used to be a vessel for beautiful, green moss. (see here)

Here is what the Vygies are like at the moment:

Early morning when the sun is just out, their petals are still closed; like they are sleeping. As the morning gets warmer and the sun comes out higher, they open up more and more until you can finally see them in full bloom with their pretty faces in full sun when it is nice and warm. They are really lovely and I am excited like a child each morning to see them open up like this.

Happy day!

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