Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Up-cycled hanging basket

The Captain is forever calling me his "squirrel" because I can hardly ever throw anything away that "I may have a use for in the future".  I did a bit of swimming pool maintenance now that summer is upon us and part of that was replacing the weir basket. Knowing that there will be a use for it in the near future, I kept the old one (of course!!). This weekend, enjoying glorious weather, I did a spot of gardening when I had this brilliant idea! Hanging basket! I can make a hanging basket with the discarded weir basket. A lot of scrubbing later to get rid of the chlorine residue, and voila!

Of course, if we had the E-clear water treatment system for our pool, I needn't have bothered to scrub at all, but I wanted to be sure to get rid of the chemicals. Now that I've seen how well it works, I might just pop into the hardware store for a few more of these baskets.

Happy day!

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