Thursday, 15 November 2012


Aspidistra Garden Centre is one of my absolute favourites in my area. I often go there in search of unusual plants that one will have difficulty to find anywhere else, and of course for some fantastic ideas to "decorate" my garden. Owner Willie Schmidt has a slot on the weekly TV-show Pasella in which he gives very good ideas on creative gardening. See the pictures below to have an idea of the creativeness he gets up to.  If you missed any of these episodes you can catch it on the Pasella website here but also make sure you visit the garden centre near Stellenbosch to see for yourself!!

The latest post on the website is about  veggie gardening in a 1m x 1m pot, here. The Captain and I have been preparing to make our own veggie garden in huge, discarded wooden crates from a wine farm. One idea I've had though, was to try the ordinary plastic crates used by dairies which one can also buy at a plastics retail outlet. Since I have two or three of these around I will follow Willie's advice on the 1m x 1m gardening (on smaller scale of course) and see how successful it is.

Happy day!

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