Wednesday, 7 November 2012

DIY cake stand

When I saw this post on DIY Cake Stands on my favourite everyday blog Chez Larsson, I knew I had to make one (or several) of these for myself.  I realised too, that this would be an ideal Christmas gifts for my lady friends. Then there's also the idea that I'm stealing from Chez Larsson, to have one of these near our entry door for keys, change and such.  I am still a bit concerned about what the porcelain/ceramic plates will do when I drill them, so I went to a thrift shop and bought saucers and plates for dirt cheap; just in case they decide to crack up on me. I still have to drill these, but I'll keep you updated on that.

My first try was with enamel plates. Now, enamel is a big huge weakness amongst my family and friends, including myself. It worked out amazingly well, and now I only have to decide who the lucky recipient of this stand well be...

I bought the hardware for the stands on eBay (dirt cheap) and the enamel plates at a junk yard and thrift shop.

Happy day!

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