Monday, 28 January 2013

Cat lovers

These four-legged creatures are a big part of our lives and are like children to us. I call them my "girls" and each one of them have their own personality and I love them to bits.  Marmite is a real "mommy's girl" who curls up beside me on the bed at night for a cuddle and follows me around like a little doggie.  Tootoo we've had longer than any of our cats and she's the "Queen of the Castle". A little nervous at times but when she wants love, she wants it NOW (and we give it to her). Tofi is the cutie of the family; and she KNOWS it! Everyone always pays her more attention than any of the others, but that's because she seeks it - desperately. She's the most demanding of them all when it comes to wanting love and cuddles.

Marmite and Tootoo (we still have both of them )

At the top is the first cat we had in our current house, Caramel (she's not with us anymore....)
And Miss Muffet aka Tofi - the cutie that everyone adores
The top picture is of Tootoo and little Amy (who went missing.....sad face)
Bottom picture is my friends' cat, Prestik - a beautiful boy!

Both pics of Marmite - as a youngster by the fire and older (and fatter) in the garden

At the top is Tofi, chilling on Cheetahs' bed
and the bottom pic is of Tofi and Marmite as two young little rascals

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