Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I haven't forgotten! As a rule we don't celebrate this day, but the Cheetah insisted on buying roses for all the girls in his grade; so he'll play the Casanova today!

On a different note but still to do with the Day of Love; I'd like to share Franschhoek's "best kept secret". If you haven't been there yet, do yourself a favour, please!

Le Chocolatier is a chocolate factory in the beautiful village of Franschhoek in the Western Cape. Swiss trained chefs create the most beautiful and sinfully delicious chocolates made with the finest Swiss chocolate. My favourite? Chilli chocolates, of course!

all images courtesy of Le Chocolatier

Deliciousness at it's best, that's guaranteed! If you haven't bought that gift for your special someone yet, it's not too late. Get to Le Chocolatier for that extra special surprise.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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