Monday, 8 July 2013

Bedroom inspiration

Here are a few pictures of absolutely delightful bedrooms from the Loft I Love Facebook page that is just too good to keep to myself. For me,  a perfect way to start a Monday is with a bit of eye candy like these. "Like" their Facebook page and you'll also get inspiring updates like these to brighten up your day (wink). 

This first picture with the suspended bed and fabulous grey bedlinen is just "WOW!" and something I wouldn't mind for my own bedroom. Not to mention the fireplace and the awesome white hide on the floor!

The headboard in the second to last picture is super "WOW!", don't you think? Have a look....

Like usual (because that's what I like...) the theme is grey and white although I do like a bit of bohemian Moroccan brightness too, sometimes. These just create such a fantastic, serene atmosphere for a bedroom that is impossible to resist.

Happy week folks!

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