Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It's all new to me!

Hi all

Having followed blogs for so long, I have decided to start one of my own.... (whoop, whoop!)  I'll just jump right in and share with you a moment in a day of our lives...

Today was the Grade 5 (11yr olds) Science Expo at my son's school. We family and friends could go along and see for ourselves what they did. The kids were amazing and I was impressed with the stuff they came up with. Che (my son) made a Cartesian Diver and it was quite a hit!

Here are some pictures of the kids in action....(fingers crossed I get this right...)

The cute  boy in the fourth picture is our son, Che.  He was counting the number of "hits" (visitors) he had to his table and was in a race with the girl in the first picture. Not sure who won in the end, but they looked like they had loads of fun (not to mention the classes they missed while doing this... haha)

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