Thursday, 17 November 2011

Paper mache

I got a lovely idea how to re-cycle old eggs boxes, at my friends' Pre-Primary School. This is a wonderful idea and my first try; a bit messy but a lot of fun once you get started. Its easy, peasy for kids to do too.

You'll need old eggs boxes (quite a few depending on the size of your finished product), a big bowl to mix in, cold glue, plastic food wrap and a bowl for your mold.

Tear or cut the boxes into smaller pieces into your mixing bowl, pour boiling water over..

Allow to soak for an hour or so....

Once it's really soft and mushy, squeeze out the water and make sure you have a nice (still moist) pulp. Mix the pulp with cold glue until you have a consistency that you can see will stick together.

Proceed to pack the pulp around a bowl of your choice (make sure to cover the bowl with a plastic wrap/clingfilm - the one usually used for food). Smooth it down nicely so you have an even "outside". I went on to cover the outside with strips of newspaper (while the whole thing was still wet), to give it a more smooth finish. Allow to dry, remove from the "mold" and... voila!

I now have a lovely home-made bowl for displaying my pegs at the Treasury Market at the beginning of December.

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