Thursday, 10 November 2011

Decorated pegs

I have a love for pretty scrapbook paper, and since I'm not into Scrapbooking I had to come up with something else to create with my beautiful papers.

This is what I made...

The design on these are a bit wonky and I'm a bit disappointed since it was some very pretty paper. I'll have to pay better attention to the next batch so it doesn't happen again.

The paper is cut into strips and simply glued onto wooden pegs. I made some a few months ago (before my blogging days) and glued magnets to the backs, to be used as fridge magnets. The use for these are of course endless. Will have more pictures to show of the next batch, soon.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures; I used a point and shoot camera and took the pictures at night in poor light. :) I won't be over-excited next time and wait for the right moment to take the pictures with the right light and camera.

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