Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Green gardening

A visit to one of our local nurseries inspired me to think about pots and vessels I use for seedlings and ways of sowing my spring flowering seeds. (Okay, we've got a long way to go before Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere but any time is a good time to start planning, no?)

Here are some pictures from the garden centre, where they up-cycled newspapers into plant "pots".

This is such a brilliant idea - I have plenty old phone directories which I'm putting to good use in this way now. The best of all is that you can probably put the whole thing as-is in the ground, since the paper will de-compose eventually and provide some food for your plant.

Some other brilliant ideas on the Guerilla Gardening website on how to prepare seed bombs; a fun way to beautify your garden and neighbourhood. I will wait until just before the end of winter and then let Cheetah and his buddies "let rip" with their bombs for our spring and summer garden. The possibilities are endless and I'm quite excited to see how it will eventually turn out....

Hope you enjoy these! 

Happy sowing and bombing!!

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