Friday, 1 June 2012

Lovely knits

Okay, so it's rainy and wet weather here down south and we're all in a knitting and crochet frenzy - the perfect past-time for evenings by the fire. I'm learning to crochet and in between I'm brushing up on my knitting skills too. So far I know the basic stitches and will take it from there.... I have a lovely big blanket in mind,  bright coloured blocks, all patched together.... Looking around for inspiration, I came across the following.....

pic source
(just LOVE that knitted curtain!!)

(gotta have a spiffy pair of knitted socks like these)

(green cardigan on left; I WANT)

(would love to be able to knit something like this)

(very cute little cardigan)

(this is my next project)

That's all for now, Happy Day!!

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