Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vintage doilies

I remember the beautiful doilies from my childhood but I also remember giving the lot away when I reached a certain age.... (Bouh!) When I saw these pictures and read about these lovely ideas I wish I could tell that young woman to hang onto those doilies and stash them away for "one day"...... sigh!!!! Now I visit our local thrift stores on a regular basis, looking for doilies to transform into lovely pieces like below. I'm not often lucky to find some, but my collection is growing slowly, slowly. One of my favourites is the second picture below; the starched doily "bowl".  Cute, isn't it?

Absolutely fabulous darlings, no?

Have a happy day!!


  1. Doilies have so many uses. I saw a table cloth which was lined with doilies and it looked gorgeous!

  2. Oh, yes! I have a true weakness for these fabulous little "scraps" of cloth and yarn. Will keep thrifting until I have enough for a curtain or table cloth. Tx for the comment :)


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